Twinkle Bear

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Twinkle Bear was the loneliest Lullabear.

He often sat in his tree house, looking whistfully over the forest.

“Wooo” he whistled.

And far off in the distance, a reply was heard

“Wooo wooo”

Twinkle Bear, was startled. He had never heard anyone whistle back to him so wistfully.

“Woooooooooooo ooo oooooo” Twinkle Bear whistled again

Woooooo Came the reply. It was so faint. You could barely it hear it over the leaves. It must have traveled for miles and miles in the air.

Twinkle Bear’s little lullabear heart began to race. A wistfully whistling friend in the wind he whispered!

Twinkle Bear went back into his cubby house and dragged his old grand piano to his favorite whistling branch. It teeter tottered for a moment before balancing in the leaves.

His lullabear paws stretched and flexed and with a deep long pause (sigh), beautiful music sprouted from his hands.

The notes leaped in the air, searching the air for where to go.

The notes were lost at first. Plaintive and questioning.

And then they begin to find their place in the world. Unhurried and calm.

The notes flowed over the tree tops to where the wistfully whistles were coming from.

The music became brighter and happier as they found their path.

The notes dancing with each other and laughing.

They were free music!

They were wild music!

They were the music of friendship and they had finally found their friends.

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