Sugar Bear

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Sugar bear was the youngest bear. He was often shy and would close his eyes with hands around strangers.

Sugar Bear came from a magic island far far away. And for a long time he was stuck on the island.

There was mean monsters on that island. They would say mean stupid things. And they would chase Sugar Bear around.

For years he ran away from them til one day he couldn’t take it anymore.

He balled his little bear paws up and said with all the determination of a burning star “you can never talk to me like that again. That’s not nice.”

And then Sugar Bear suddenly leaped high into the air, flying away from the mean monster island. Soaring through the clouds like a comet, he turned his Lullabear face towards the sun and all his cares faded away.

Gliding in the air currents, he flew through the clouds twirling and leaping and healing.

As he flew, he tasted the clouds with his little Lullabear bear tongue and joy spread across his Lullabear face, for the clouds were sweet and sugary. He could taste the clouds!

He had discovered when you stand up for what’s right, the world tastes so much sweeter.

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