Huggy Bear

Huggy Bear
Feb 14, 2021 • 3 Min Read • 251 Words

Huggy Bear was the huggiest bear.

She gave the warmest, tightest, squeeze-ist hugs in the Lullabear world.

Huggy Bear would go around hugging everyone and everything and the Lullabears would just melt right after.

It was actually quiet inconvenient sometimes if you were trying to get work done and Huggy Bear hugged you then you would just lay in a puddle on the floor with a smile on your face but who’s going to finish the dishes now?

She would hug plants and flowers and trees and rivers and everything he hugged had a brighter day afterwards.

One day he looked up at the sun and asked Papa Bear, “Papa Bear, Papa Bear who hugs the sun?”

“Silly bear, you’ll burn your lovely Lullabear fur if you hug the sun.” Papa bear replied.

“Well doesn’t the sun get lonely?”, asked Huggy Bear.

“The sun is happiest when it’s giving you and everyone and everything else hugs” said Papa Bear.

And he led Huggy Bear to the most deliciously cuddly spot in Songicorn forest. Golden light shined down in rays to a perfect warm, lazy Lullabear cubby.

“Now lay there and feel the sun giving you a Hug, that’s how the Sun gives and receives love”.

Huggy Bear circled around 3 times, wiggled her little Lullabear butt into the most perfect nappity nap position and promptly went to sleep with the sunlight hugging her face.

And that’s why Huggy Bear’s hugs were always the best hugs. They were powered by the sun.

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