Honey Bear

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Honey Bear always found himself in the stickiest silliest situations somehow.

He would be walking through Songicorn forest minding his bees, and out of nowhere, Shazam!

Up to his furry fuzzy Lullabear ears in trouble!

Tonight, it seemed he had inadvertently stolen the moon.

See, Honey Bear was scared of the dark. So when he was in his cozy, comfy cave, he glanced outside and saw the bright full moon 🌕 and thought “This would look perfect over my mantle”

Which of course makes perfect Lullabear sense, as Lullabears put moons on mantles have fireflies as nightlights And weave dreams in their hair.

Honey Bear gently placed the moon on his mantle and didn’t even think twice about it!

But while Honey Bear’s cave was bright and cozy with the moon on the mantle, the rest of the world went dark.

So then Sweetie Bear was trying to bake cookies, but she couldn’t see in the dark and no scent of fresh baked cookies was to be had.

And then Twinkle Bear got even sadder because he often thought the moon was his only friend and it had disappeared.

And Sleepy bear didn’t say anything because she was fast asleep.

And then Singing Bear couldn’t sing any more sad sappy sublime love songs because all love songs are secretly powered by the moon.

All the Lullabears came running to Honey Bear’s cave and said “ Honey Bear! What have you done? While your mantle looks divine, please put back the moon where it belongs”

So honey Bear with a sheepish grin said “oh I’m so sorry, I was just so afraid of the dark!”

And he let the moon go

So the Lullabears all sat together and watched the moon slowly rise like a floating balloon back into the night sky while they all fell asleep in a giant Lullabear cuddle puddle.

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