Diamond Bear

Diamond Bear
Feb 16, 2021 • 2 Min Read • 215 Words

Diamond Bear was a magical bear. She could transform into anything.

Somedays when she was feeling soft, she would change herself into the rain. She would shower the forest and cool down the trees.

Other days when she was feeling glowy, she would change herself into star light. Traveling far across the night sky, into all the Lullabear treehouses so they could all dream.

Yet other days when Diamond Bear was feeling slow, she would transform herself into snow. Blanketing the forest in a quiet white night.

When Diamond Bear was feeling tricksy, she would transform herself into a sleepy pizza. Sugar Bear always fell for this trick and would come running through the forest and open his mouth wide for a quick sleepy pizza bite and ploop!

Diamond Bear would transform herself back into snow and all Sugar Bear got was a mouthful of cold.


Diamond Bear would laugh and make it up to Sugar Bear and all the Lullabears. She transformed herself into a diamond see through spaceship and took all the Lullabears on a magic space ride where they could get close enough to the stars to almost touch them and giggle while they floated around.

Diamond Bear sparkled in the night and brought all the Lullabears home from the sky.

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