Sleepy Bear

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Sleepy Bear was the sleepiest bear.

She would listen to the rain sprinkling outside her treehouse. The quiet pitter patter of rain drops on leaves.

Pop Pop Pop

And her eyes would flutter between awake and sleep. Who knows if she was dreamily awake or sleepily dreaming.

Sleepy Bear could fall asleep anywhere. She would often be walking through Songincorn forest and get caught in a lazy sunbeam and just collapse into a nap.

Mmmm nap time.

One day Sleepy Bear was having her favorite breakfast of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. And the crunchy milky smoothiness was delicious in her mouth, but as she took another bite, the sun shifted and shone its golden rays on her face and ploop!

She fell asleep in the cereal!

Mmm cereal nap!

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