Hello Lullabears

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The tea was luke warm on the table. Scents of chamomile and lavender Hovered in the air.

The old grandfather clock struck 11 Low and sweet the sound Even He knew it was time to rest

In the corner of the kitchen Next to the cheese drawer The smallest, tiniest elegant red door Opened

And with a twaddle and a thump and twop Out came the tiny tiny tiny lullabears 3 at a time.

Sleepy Bear, Sweetie Bear and Singing Bear.

As usual sweetie Bear went right for the cookies left out for her.

And sleepy bear took a bath in the tea cup

And singing bear Sang the softest, sweetest lullaby songs about cheese. Mostly about cheddar in particular.

Slowly their favorite past times lulled them to rest for their lullaby club tuck in Round.

Their midnight smackity snack satisfied, bellies full, and smelling like dreams The three bears made their way back to their red door

The grandfather clock struck 12, tucking them in for the night.

Good night lullabears. Good night.

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