In the Absence of Your Presence

What does it mean to miss someone?

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In the Absence of Your Presence

Are they gone? Or just out of sight?

Do we still live by 5 year old rules that if you can’t see Santa Claus he must not be real?

Sure the heart wants what the heart wants but whether you lose someone to a break up, a move, or the terrible pain of passing away, every person in your life is a story.

A story you tell yourself. A story where you get to make up the rules. And when things are good, the story is one you can’t put down. Every moment becomes a microscopic reminder of how amazing life can be.

But when things go south, how do you react? Do you lose faith in yourself? Do you start to believe a story where life or even you yourself are not amazing anymore? Who wrote that story in the first place?

You did kid.

Our brain reacts to playing back memories and what’s happening in the present or the future the same way. It’s what we choose to believe that makes up our reality. And yes for some us of those stories can be difficult, whether through a painful childhood, lack of a support system or chemical in-balances. Believe me, I’ve experienced them all.

One my favorite thoughts is that on any rainy day, if you could climb up the clouds, you would see the sun is still shining. That regardless of the heart ache or pain you may feel now, life is endless in it’s beauty. Be like the sun and rise above the clouds. Maybe it’s dime store psychology or maybe its those 5 year old who never stopped believing in Santa Claus that can teach us all a thing or to.

The story you are about to write is the one I can’t wait to hear.

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